What Constitute A High-Quality Preschool?

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Have you ever wondered what is the difference between an average daycare or preschool and one with a higher standard and reputation? Sometimes, it can be hard to spot differences at first, but if you look carefully at the following factors, you will see that it is not that difficult. Thus, you can actually use this as a mini-guide to select a daycare for your child if you don’t have anything to go by:

 Reputation amongst People

 Any good education institute, no matter whether it is a childcare centre or primary school, will naturally get a good reputation if it is any good. After all, word of mouth will spread quite quickly among the neighbourhood, and particularly good places will get noticed even by people far away. Thus, you can expect any preschool with a good reputation amongst your friends and relatives to be a worthwhile one for your child.

 The Curriculum

 The curriculum that is followed at the preschool you selected is important. It should provide a decent amount of academic work, like activities in the fields of mathematics, language and even something regarding the nearby environment, but that’s not all. Physical and motor activities must be included to make a nice balance between the two. Some schools may favour one of the other, but the important thing is that neither academic work nor physical activities get neglected.

 The Staff

 Staff at a preschool Singapore is usually well-trained and caring for the children they are entrusted with. As a result of this, you shouldn’t have many problems in this regard. Nevertheless, you may want to look more into what qualifications they hold, particularly the teachers. Another thing you need to look at is the number of people working at a particular institute: is the place understaffed? Are the teachers having trouble keeping control of the classes assigned to them? A quick tour around the preschool can help you identify whether it is understaffed or not.

 Available Facilities

 A preschool is a place that is frequented by a lot of people, including young kids. Thus, it should be a well-kept place that is constantly cleaned each and every day. There should be first-aid facilities to help injured kids and enough space for them to move about. Also check whether there is a playground or any other appropriate place for children to play, as a preschool lacking one will not have much space for children to engage in physical activities.

 Rules and Regulations

 A preschool must have a set of rules to ensure children behave accordingly. These shouldn’t be too strict, as children as playful and mischievous by nature, but they shouldn’t be too lax either. Teaching discipline is an important part of preschool education, so it must be taken care of properly.