Ways To Motivate Your Employees

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Employees are the driving force of any organization. The more productive they are, the more income and profits you will earn. It is vital that you always acknowledge them and reward them whenever they perform well so that they will be motivated to work better and also will stay loyal to you. So here are a few things you could do.

1. Create a pleasant working environment

Your employees spend half of their day in the work place. It is crucial to make sure they are comfortable and ready to work. Do not cramp up their space. Give them ample space so that they can move around and freely do their work. Make sure the temperature is right. People will never work properly if it is freezing or too hot. Let them get enough fresh air and light if possible. Give them breaks so that they do not feel too pressurized. Also make sure it is a place safe for work.

2. Recognize them individually

If an employee had performed outstandingly, never hesitate to commend him or her. Rather than telling that all your employees are doing well, pick out a person who did an amazing job and recognize him in front of the entire organization. You can even put up a notice on the bulletin board or even appoint him the best employee for the week. A simple note or email to him will do the job.

3. Reward them

This does not always mean that you need to offer monetary rewards or even job promotions. A simple gift would do. Brainstorm and get some corporate gift ideas in Singapore, give him some movie tickets, give him a week off etc. These will truly motivate them to work harder. Food incentives work best. Give him vouchers for a dinner at a high class restaurant.

4. Have social events

Take them out bowling or hold a sports day so that they can take part and win some prizes. Your corporate gift ideas can be used here too. Organize an annual trip so that they can relax and have fun and get to know each other. Even the senior managers should join in so that they will all feel equal.

5. Casual dress day

Everyone likes to be comfortable at work. It would be great to have a day off those office pants, shirts, high heels, coats etc. Give your employees a day per week to come to office in casual-wear. You can even have a theme day where you can pick out interesting themes and ask them to dress according to that.

These few tips will help motivate your employees.