Tips On Helping Your Child Be More Active

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Is your child’s inactivity worrying you? You should be; as it can lead to things like child obesity and even asthma. Here are a few ways to help them to be more active…

  • Restrict their electronics time – whether we want to admit it or not, our electronics and the comforts of the modern world are largely to blame for child obesity and the inactiveness of children. Laziness also may stem from this. But we understand that it is nearly impossible for us, and more so for the younger ones, to stay away from electronics; so don’t cut them off their fun entirely. Instead, consider limiting their time with it. Have at least 2 hours of electronic free time¾and make sure this is a rule that applies for the entire household. Remember, this means no phones as well.
  • Get them enrolled for sports – if they are old enough to join team sports in school, encourage them to join their school sports teams. Being a part of a sports team has many benefits for children; some of which being learning to work as a team and to live a more disciplined life. But if your child is not willing to do so, consider getting them badminton coaching or swimming lessons. This too has many benefits.
  • Provide them with other entertainment – if you want them to be more active at home, then simply enrolling them for badminton classes Singapore wont do. You need to provide them with some other entertainment as well. educational toys, and toys that will help their cognitive development will also be a great idea. This is especially true for younger kids.
  • Help them eat right – without the right energy, you simply cannot expect them to live more actively. Start off with breakfast; make sure they have a proper meal. If your kids are fussy about being too full for breakfast, consider making them smoothies for breakfast¾packed with all sorts of vitamins. Healthy snacks are also a great way to keep their energy going.

Make a few changes in your day to day activities and habits – don’t underestimate the power of the small things. instead of riding a taxi to work and school, consider riding your bikes. Take the stairs whenever possible. Reduce the amount of junk food that you bring home. spend more time together as a family, making use of those electronic free hours. If possible, join your kids in their sports activities. This the most affective way to encourage your child to be more active; be active yourself. Lead by example, for then, they wont feel like they are being punished or pushed into doing something they don’t want to do.