Problems Associated With Being Overweight

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Being overweight can be one of the biggest battles that needs to be fought in this 21st century! With almost 1 in every 4 Americans being overweight, there has never been such a drastic change in the weight of people than now!

However, the good news is that these numbers are coming down. With people becoming more and more aware of the risks of being overweight is, they are all trying their best to bring down their weight. So, here are some problems that being overweight brings about!

Health risks

Being overweight, no doubt brings about health risks that can cause major harm to one’s life. Being overweight has been listed as one of the most common reasons for many diseases. For instance, diabetes, spinal disk misplacement, osteoarthritis, heart disease, stroke, blood pressure gallbladder and gallstones are all diseases that can be caused by being overweight. The health risks, keep increasing with the weight. And unless swift action is not taken, you will have to deal with many health risks!

Inability to lead a normal life

Leading a normal life will become only a dream to those overweight. When you are overweight, leading a normal lifestyle will become difficult with every pound you gain. For instance, even a simple walk down the path will become one of the biggest tasks ever. You will not be able to walk down the park without panting or needing to stop. Other activities like games or fun activities will all become an impossible dream to you. When you are overweight, simple activities can all cause much stress to your spine thus causing you much pain! And you will only be able to get rid of the pan through arthroscopic surgery in Singapore.

Low self esteem

A person who is overweight usually has very low self-esteem or self confidence levels. It is because, although there is a common saying, that you should never judge a book by its cover, this is exactly what any person usually does. And being overweight is not a pleasant sight! Hence, the chances are life will be unnecessarily difficult with being overweight! And add to that the low self-esteem, achieving life goals will almost seem impossible. Due to all the weight, you may even need to undergo a joint replacement surgery to do simple things that people usually do.


 Being overweight is not a sin, especially if it has nothing to do with your eating or living habits. However, it is very important that you take matters into your hands and ensure that you try your best to remain as healthy and fit as possible! If you take the effort and dedication to lose weight, in most cases it is only a matter of time!