New Way Of Conducting Business Meetings; Virtual Meetings

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Conducting meetings and participating in meetings is obviously a huge part of our day to day lives if you are working for an organization. Well, it cannot be limited to an organization now a days because even schools, hospitals, defence and arms forces or any entity which is working towards a common purpose would obviously conduct meetings to ensure their ideas and thoughts are being exchanged and best utilized. Hence the importance of conducting a meeting has grown to a new level which is why the use to technology has been diverted towards facilitating the betterment of conducting effective meetings. Hence a few different and important aspects of meetings can be explained as follows.
Types of Virtual Meetings
Virtual meetings can be divided into two main categories or rather two main aspects. Namely, teleconferencing and visual conferencing. Both these aspects are being facilitated by technology simply because the present day society has understood the importance of ensuring the effective organizing of a meeting. However, teleconferencing refers to grouping a set of calls and thereby interacting with each other over the phone via voice exchange. At the same time visual conferencing refers to an HD video conference which takes place among different stakeholders in the organization. Hence the benefits of virtual meetings can be explained in the following manner.

Benefits of Virtual Meetings
Virtual meetings bring its users a ton of benefits starting with a massive reduction in the cost and time spent in conducting a meeting. Through the use of a HD video conference the users will be able to enjoy the actual feeling of a meeting by saving the time that takes them to reach the destination of the meeting as well as save the cost of serving refreshments and other facilities to participants. This will also benefit the participants in convenience of sharing digital material such as presentations, documents and other clips like videos where each participant can personally view their own footage.
Drawbacks of Virtual Meetings
However on the other hand, there are a number of drawbacks that are taking place as well. The most important and dominant drawback of virtual meetings is that there is a huge barrier to convey and experience body language, expressions and the actual heat of a physical event which takes place in an actual meeting. This sometimes can expand the problems where the real seriousness of the issues that are taking place in the meeting would not be properly felt by the participants. Hence there is a risk involved in adopting such an approach.
However, as an overall understanding of virtual meetings, there are certain benefits and drawbacks involved in this method. Therefore the organization needs to decide whether it suits the organizational culture or not.