Manual And Automatic Transmission: Which Wins?

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Which is the better choice for you, manual or automatic transmission? This is the age old debate ever since automatic vehicles became the new normal. If you are having trouble picking between the two, you aren’t alone. So many people have the same issue. The only way you can make the right choice is if you know the facts. When presented with the information in an unbiased manner, you can pick the one that is most suitable for you. Each has its own pros and cons. For example, manual gearboxes are more efficient and allow for more control at the cost of convenience. Automatic transmissions are less efficient, allow for less control, but are a lot easier to use. Deciding between the two requires a lot of thinking, so make sure you consider every possibility.

Manual Gearboxes are Less Expensive

When it comes to the prices, manual transmissions are less costly than their automatic counterparts. If you go the local dealership and check on the prices of a car model with manual and automatic transmission repair, you will find that the manual option is a little cheaper. The manual transmission system is also a lot more durable and doesn’t need as much service. It is easier to do a gearbox overhaul on a manual transmission system as well. Since maintenance costs are going to be less as well, it can be said that in terms of pricing, the automatic transmission is the more expensive of the two. This doesn’t mean that either is better, unless you are on a budget, in which case it might be best to go manual.

Automatic Transmissions need Regular Maintenance

As any mechanic will be able to tell you, performing a service or a gearbox overhaul on car with a manual transmission is going to be a lot easier. Since the gears are shifted through the lever, there isn’t any complex technology in the system. This makes it a lot more expensive to repair an automatic gearbox. In addition to this, manual gearboxes can go on for hundreds of thousands of miles without any problems, as long as the car is of a good make and build quality. While you do need to replace the transmission fluid regularly, it doesn’t need to be done as frequently as for automatics. There are some cars that don’t even need their transmission fluid to be replaced. In these cases there is usually a tight seal on the gearbox.

Remember to focus on your own needs when you are trying to make this difficult choice. With the right kind of consideration given, your choice should be a little easier to make in the end.