Decorating Your Bedroom – Few Things To Know

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A bedroom is the most integral part of our house. It is the one place where we feel the safest and can be ourselves without a single worry; we can keep all our personal items locked away inside and not worry about them getting into the hands of others and also sing along to Pokémon’s theme song without being judged. Furthermore our bedrooms would give a person an idea of the kind of person we are thus it is necessary that we decorate it to suit our tastes and reflect the people we are.

However this is not that easy. If we try to display all our characteristics in the room through the paint and deco, it will be too noisy. So people would not see what you want them to see, they would instead see an overcrowded tacky room that is just a mess, in both its presentation and in the message it wishes to send. So hanging gazillion paintings, photographs and post it notes on bedroom doors is a terrible idea. When people see that perfect door they should see just a few decorative items with meaning not so much that it takes them a decade to figure out the items on the door.

So overdoing on decoration, be it for bedroom doors, walls, or the window pane, etc, should be avoided at all costs. Remember that it is best to keep everything simple. You should first decide on which aspects of your personality and interests you would want to display in the room. A maximum of five would do. Then introduce these in small ways in your room. If you wish to show that you enjoy rock music. A poster of your favourite band near your study table would do or paint their logo sticker on the door. 

A dilemma that every room owner faces is deciding on what to buy. If you prefer steam punk and gothic themed clocks however you cannot decide on which one you want then it is best that you look at the other decorative items in the room and buy the clock that suits the room best. Even if faced with other dilemmas regarding the room’s decoration, the same solution can be applied. Therefore when faced with indecision, let the room do the honours of deciding for you.

Finally, the room belongs to you. It is going to be your safe haven. Therefore even after decorating it the way you want, make sure that it remains a place where you can wind down and relax; finding solace in its warmth.