Better Productivity And General Employee Health

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Taking care of employees is a primary duty for employers seeing that their needs are met, and that they’re fit both mentally and physically means you can get better work out of their talents. If you’re curious about how to do so, and what habits to adopt for it, then here are a few of our suggestions.

No smoking at work

Smoking is definitely injurious to health, it causes lung deceases, heart complications, colon cancer in Singapore and other oral cancers…and a whole list full of other health complications. Even with this, most work places don’t have a strict policy regarding smoking. Among many other things, regular smokers have trouble falling asleep; inevitably effecting their work efficiency. Apart from that, since it also weakens their immune systems, employees who smoke regularly also fall sick often; again causing a hindrance to their work. Create and enforce a strict rule against smoking within office hours to avoid this.

Stocking water at every desk to encourage hydration

Years of careful research has proved that when our body is dehydrated, or when we are simply thirsty, we have difficulties concentrating on our tasks. That is because when we are dehydrated, our brain cells loose their efficiency. If your employees are regularly around computers, or work under ceiling fans for prolonged hours, chances are that their bodies might get severely dehydrated with time. Encourage them to drink water over coffee, and follow that encouragement by providing a water filter in the common areas. Even stocking water bottles in each cube is a great idea. Besides making your employees more efficient in their work, hydrating will also help them strengthen their immune system¾which will help with fighting lung and colorectal cancer, and other lung and heart deceases as well.  

Fittest employee of the month

Most people don’t like to accept challenges or commit to anything unless they see a price at the end of their struggle. You might give your employees gym facilities and encourage them to exercise and workout regularly, but there is not guarantee that they will use these facilities. Not unless you provide so incentive. By selecting a “fittest employee of the month” and giving them some benefits like a day off, or being able to leave work an hour early for a week, you provide them with just that…!  

Team energizing and in-office stress relieving 

Stress is as serious issue in most jobs. And workplace stress can easily transform into other forms of stress, inevitably affecting their whole life. If you and your team will be expected to be under high pressure in the weeks ahead, consider taking a weekend to get a little team energizing. Having a company sport day or going on a weekend trip together will do just that. Beside that, you can also provide your office’s coffee room with a table game or two, to help your employees relieve their stress during their break.