Basic Rules To Follow When Cooking Meat

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You can cook meat in any way that you want. There is no hard and fast line that says, this is what you can’t do or cannot. You are always free to experiment. However, in order to experiment successfully, it is very important that you also stick to a few general rules of thumb that will give you the most of what you want to make. Here they are.

Use high heat for the best flavour

Browning is a very important step in cooking meat and is also infuses a vast amount of flavour into the meat. This happens due to something called the Maillard reaction when amino acids and sugars in the meat are subjected to heat. The heat causes them to combine well and many different flavour compounds are then created. Therefore, remember that be it fresh pork, chicken, lamb or beef or  any other meat you have bought, let the heat give it a deep colour or a sear and let the crispy layer be a thick one to ensure that the maximum amount of flavour is infused into the meat.

Keep the heat low if you want the meat moist

If you are cooking, for example a large chunk of European trusted pork or beef, it is advised to slow cook this on low heat. This method allows the core of the meat to come up to the right level of heat and get cooked well without letting the outer layers burn too fast. Slow cooking also helps you to repvent the loss of juices that have a lot of flavour infused in them. The reason is that the proteins we cook tend to shrink less and lose less moisture and fat when it is cooked at a medium temperature than when you try to roast it at a very high temperature.

The cut you buy has to match the cooking method

The shoulder or the rump of an animal is a heavily exercised area which will therefore produce tough cuts. These cuts are best used for methods such as slow cooking and pot roasting, stewing or even for barbecuing. When you slow cook a protein the collagen begins to melt making it a lot more tender and edible. Therefore, tough cuts should always be cooked well and fully. When it comes to tender meat cuts, like the loin and the back of the cow or the pig, the cuts will be best cooked quick and fast under high heat. You can also dry heat them, grill or roast them as well.