5 Tips For Renters

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Unfortunately, not everyone can afford to buy a new home or a luxurious apartment in a city. Most of us end up renting a place for work or business until we are more financially secure to afford monthly mortgage payments. If you are member of this large pool of business and residential renters, here are several tips that will make life much easier for you:

1. Make a List of Everything in the Place

Before your packers & movers bring your stuff into the new place, you should make a list of everything that’s already inside. Some rented apartments come with furniture, microwaves or refrigerators provided by the landlord. These should be exactly as they are when you finally vacate the apartment or house. Otherwise, your landlord will deduct a hefty amount from your security deposit, or refuse to return the security deposit altogether.

2. Note Down Damages

When you are occupying a space, it’s natural that some things get damaged. A wall socket could stop working, the windows can get creaky or furniture could get scratched. You will have to pay for any such damages when you vacate. However, you don’t have to pay for damages that are already there in the first place. Therefore, before you bring your things inside, make note of all existing damages and inform the landlord of these, so your money won’t be used to fix these.

3. Don’t Do Major Interior Designing

When you start living at your rented space, obviously you will change the looks of the place to suit your needs. However, it’s important not to go overboard. If you need to make any major changes like repainting the walls or installing new light fixtures, get the landlord’s explicit approval first. If you know you are only going to be there for a short while, then don’t bother making any design changes and save your deposit.

4. Don’t Haul Large Things on Your Own

If you need to bring in large furniture items and take them with your when you leave, don’t do it on your own. Call professional packers & movers to handle the hard work without damaging the rented space with scrapes and scratches.

5. Keep the Place Clean

It’s very important to keep your living space clean, even if you are only going to rent for a month. Dirt and debris could damage surfaces, attract household pests and overall make the place seem unsightly. This could later hurt your security deposit. If you follow all the tips mentioned above, your rental life experience will be a whole lot better.